Thursday, 29 March 2007

All Teachings from the Year 1994 Digitized

Last week, our team finished digitizing all video recordings in the archive from the year 1994. This videos are now being preserved on error-protected RAID units in the Treasury of Wisdom archive, and they are being backed up onto another RAID in another building. And of course, we keep storing the original video tapes in a climate-controlled room.

The videos have been compressed into a high-quality format called H264. The year 1994 uses up 850GB in harddisk storage. So, you might wonder: how much does this cost? Well, the year 1994 takes up around 1,300€ worth of storage in the main archive, and around the same amount in the backup facility.

So, you can say that 2,600€ buy you a year of archived video footage. This of course doesn't include the labour, electricity, rent and so on to create these files and maintain the archive.

And, how much video is there? It seems that Rinpoche taught less in the year 1994 than the last couple of years. There are only around 250 hours of video from 1994, including many teachings on Bodhichitta and 'Turning Suffering and Happiness into Enlightenment', as well as the famous Salle Adyar teachings from the end of 1994. Sogyal Rinpoche gave these teachings during his personal retreat in Paris.

And, just to give a glimpse, there is a video still of Sogyal Rinpoche teaching in Berlin, 27 November 1994 at the beginning of this blog entry.

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