Monday, 23 April 2007

Sogyal Rinpoche in Haileybury, April 2007

From 6 April to 15 April 2007, Sogyal Rinpoche conducted the Annual Rigpa Easter Retreat in Haileybury, Hertfordshire, England.

Rigpa UK organised a great team which took care of the data entry of teachings and presentations of the retreat into the Treasury of Wisdom Database. The team had all of the teaching sessions entered into the database by the time the retreat ended, and also the team has already filed all Daily Session Reports in the Database.

Also, the Treasury of Wisdom sponsored Dominique Lalonde, a one Three-Year Retreatant, to attend the retreat and to edit the teachings on video as soon as they were given. This quick turnaround allowed us to share these teachings already a few days later at the beginning of the Second Teaching Period of the Three-Year Retreat in Lerab Ling. Furthermore, these video edits form the basis for the Retreat MP3 Compilation which will be made available to students who participated in the Easter Retreat this year.

Sogyal Rinpoche taught on Bodhichitta mostly based on "The Words of my Perfect Teacher" and "A Guide to the Words of a Perfect Teacher" and Chökyi Drakpa's "A Torch to the Path of Omniscience" (contained in Rigpa's "A Guide to the Practice of Ngöndro.") One of the main teachings on Rigpa activity in Haileybury focused on care for Rigpa students.

I have included a picture of Rinpoche teaching in the Main Shrine Room from the last day of the retreat at the beginning of this entry.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Sogyal Rinpoche in Bhutan, March 2007

At the end of March 2007, Sogyal Rinpoche visited the Kingdom of Bhutan. He gave a simple, in-depth introduction and thorough grounding in the teaching and practice of the Buddhadharma in a series of two public talks at the Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu, Bhutan.

Bhutan's public television station recorded his teachings and wants to present them within their English-speaking section of their TV programme. Sogyal Rinpoche asked the Treasury of Wisdom, together with Rigpa's Teaching Services department, to edit these teachings for transmission on TV.

This is actually the first time that we are editing teachings for a TV programme. A lot of care has gone into these edits, and the recorded teaching material has been enriched even further with photos and video footage from the Treasury of Wisdom archive.

We hope that we can make these precious materials available to Rigpa students as well. You can of course always quickly fly to Bhutan and enjoy these teachings on TV.