Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Treasury of Dharma Project

"You receive and study all these instructions and teachings.
They are important, they give you the background, the understanding, some knowledge that is the basic. But then I worry a little bit: is it not too much?
Do we need to simplify? How do you put it into practice? How to practise Bodhicitta essentially, how do you really do it? How to invoke refuge in an instant?
How to have a way of invoking, of making it happen for you, each day?" (Sogyal Rinpoche)

In order to act on Rinpoche’s concern, the RIGPA Treasury of Dharma (formerly known as Teaching Pharmacy) has – and is being – developed. This electronic system is designed to help us to put the teachings into practice, to find a support on all aspects of our spiritual path, and to help us in difficult situations in our life.

The Treasury of Dharma presently consists of two elements:
- the ‘Inspirational-Library’ which contains inspiring and transformative teachings on motivation, bodhichitta, the View, the nature of mind, meditation, devotion, invocation, Guru Yoga, lojong and integration
- the ‘Advice for Life’- Library, that houses short teachings which help us to transform difficult situations in our life regarding relationships, depression, sickness, death and so on.

This structure reflects Rinpoche’s observation that we need ‘different methods for different situations’ that can help us to progress on our spiritual path.

The aim of this project is that we find inspiration, courage and support for our spiritual path, both in our formal practice and in our every day life activities.

The Treasury of Dharma will take on many different forms in which it will be made available for individuals and centers.
For individuals:
— the current ZAM Rigpa- and Dzogchenlinks will continue in their current form and will cover themes that are complimentary to the Teaching Pharmacy
—any other ZAM products produced in 2008 will also function as part of the Teaching Library
— the RIGPA Wiki web page, accessible to all Home Retreatants, already hosts a selection of teachings concerning ‘Advice for Life’, and will be further developed in the future, making teachings available free of charge

To have a look at the "Advice for Life" page on the wiki, you need a valid login for Rigpa's home retreat portal (this login consists of the email that you use to log into the homretreat website and the password that you use to log in). Please use this link to the online part of the Treasury of Dharma system:

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