Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Treasury of Wisdom is favoring Open Documents Standards

Since 2008, the Treasury of Wisdom has been exploring different document standards for use in Rigpa (like Open-Office format ODT, Word format DOC, RTF format). We have talked to many people and for now we are seeing ODT as the clear winner in the fight over which format we should use in an archive.

ODT is an open standard, i.e. there is a clearly published description of how files in this format need to look like it (as opposed to the Microsoft Word standard which is controlled by Microsoft).

If you wish to try out ODT, you can download a free copy of open-office unless you own a PowerPC mac, then you would need to use NeoOffice.

Both these programmes exist now in version 3 which is far superior to version 2. There has been some weird behavior in version 2 of open-office when converting text files, which seems to have been fixed in version 3.

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Anonymous said...

Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 now supports the ODT standard.

You can easily change the default document to save as ODT.

Go to Office button - Word Options - Save